Graphic Design & Prints

Our team at iCreationsLab recognizes the value of print marketing in this post-internet environment as an efficient means of advertising your business. We are here to help your company create a lasting impression through good design and close attention to your printed materials.

Our designers will make attractive and eye-catching custom brochures, leaflets, magazines, books, posters, flyers and newsletters. We take full responsibility for your project, from concept to final printed materials, ensuring quick turnaround and cost-effective production. You can trust us to provide professional guidance, cost-effective solutions and a stimulating degree of innovation. We will work closely with you to create artwork that perfectly reflects your business, and we will deliver high quality results quickly and effectively.

Brochures / Flyers Design

Despite the surge in online marketing and mobile marketing, brochures and flyers are still an important and viable publicity tool to reach out to your demographic audience. A single well-designed brochure can be more effective in publicising your company than thousands of poorly-designed brochures that end up in the garbage bin.

Here at iCreationsLab, we pride ourselves on our ability to use innovative designs for your brochure that will capture your clients’ attention. We will also work closely with your company to ensure that the design of your brochure will effectively convey your message to your customers.

Business Cards

At iCreationsLab, we pride ourselves in creating innovative static designs, making your business card unique and memorable for your clients.

Magazines / Newsletters / Yearbooks

With our creative team, we are capable of designing yearbooks, magazines and newsletters that promise creativity on every page.