Social Media

iCreationsLab offers services in the area of social media management, where we develop social media postings, tactics, audience analysis, audience development and reporting. The goal is to help our client business expand their online presence by attracting more followers via social media, then engaging and nurturing those followers to become fans or customers. We offer this service in particular to small companies, start-ups and mid-sized organizations that do not have the resources to recruit a full-time social media manager.

There is every possibility that outsourcing the social media would prove very cost-effective. Like most digital services, this service is also best left to experts rather than attempting to handle the service yourself. Enable us to win business via social media, by being where your customers are. Some of the biggest company social media options include Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. With iCreationsLab’s fully managed social media service, you get the posting service plus the growth of social followers, customer engagement, strategy and content calendar. It’s a fully personalized service dedicated to your unique needs.

We may also include public polling, hashtag research, competition research and tracking, and a digital dashboard to track your results.