User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) Design

Years of delivering great user experience on our client’s websites have helped us to understand the markets of our clients and to recognise the thinking processes of their customers. We understand that a neat and clutter-free interface helps brands to connect with their consumers. Empathy and attention to detail are the highest priority for iCreationsLab designers.

We start by understanding the situations of users and their possible solutions. We then use this research to construct simple wire frames and then carry out prototypes in successive iterations, making adjustments where necessary until we find a perfect balance. With this routine, we’re creating amazing UX prototypes that score heavily on both visual appeal and content. Through a series of repeated tests and optimisations, we have achieved a balanced, high-impact UX design.

At iCreationsLab, we challenge ourselves to consider the various industries of our clients and to create a concept that addresses these different needs and uses cases in an intuitive way. The result is a simplified user experience with workflows optimized for easy navigation, content location and user behavior within a versatile framework designed to meet every customer’s needs.